TETRA & Public Safety related standards & meetings
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TETRA & Public Safety related Standards
Latest update on 15 January 2022new-logo; 20, 10 & 6 December 2021 - latest versions of files listed below:
                         ETSI TETRA (TCCE) Standards <direct link>
  TR 100 392-17-6; Draft V1.1.4; 2021-12  6th ETSI MCX Plugtests Report; V1.0.0; 2021-12 
                       TCCA documents <direct link>
no new documents this period
                         ETSI LTE Mission Critical Standards <direct link>
TS 123 283; V16.6.0; 2022-01 new-logo
                        EMTEL documents <direct link>
TS 103 756; V1.1.1; 2021-11 
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TETRA & Public Safety related meetings
                          latest update 6 January 2022 (includes WGs and SA6) <direct link>

ETSI Technical Committee (TC) TETRA and Critical Communications
Evolution (TCCE) plenary meetings

Last meeting TCCE#58
took place 27 October 2021 by online conference call

click https://portal.etsi.org/Contribution.aspx?MeetingId=42480 for documents (opens in new window - may be slow to open!)
Meeting report in document TCCE(21)000058_TCCE58_Minutes.doc

Next plenary meeting TCCE#59
23-24 March 2022 by online conference call or ETSI, Sophia Antipolis
click https://portal.etsi.org/Contribution.aspx?MeetingId=42906 for documents (opens in new window - may be slow to open!)
but no documents available yet