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ETSI TETRA & Critical Communications Evolution standards are produced by ETSI Technical Committee TETRA and Critical Communications Evolution (TC TCCE, formally TC TETRA). Various types of standards documents are produced:
All new documents comply with the "new regime" which includes ENs, ESs, EGs, TSs and TRs
Previously, "old regime" documents (of which some are still valid) included ETSs, ETRs and TBRs
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(click on links below for latest published documents & later drafts;
see Eptdocs1.xls for details of superseded documents

European Telecommunication Standards (ETSs) and
ETSI European Standards (ENs) 

  ETS/EN 300 392 series  ddmmyy
TETRA Voice + Data
ETS 300 393 series
TETRA Packet Data Optimized
(all now Historical)
ETS/EN 300 394 series

TETRA Conformance testing specification
EN 300 395 series

new files added 21/5/24
TETRA Speech Codec for full-rate traffic channel
ETS/EN 300 396 series
Technical Requirements for Direct Mode Operation (DMO)
EN 300 812 series

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) interface (EN)
EN 301, 302 & 303 series

TETRA Lawful Interception interface, EMC standards, End-to-end encryption,
Harmonized ENs for TETRA and for LM radio equipment according to RTTE Directive
(plus Historical documents on: Attachment requirements for TETRA
terminal equipment, Harmonized EN for TAPS)

ETSI Standards (ESs) 

  ES 200, 201 & 202 series  ddmmyy
SIM-ME, Lawful Interception interface, TAPS, End-to-end encryption

Technical Specifications (TSs) 

  TS 100, 101, 102, 103 & 104 series   new files added 21/5/24
Interworking at ISI (speech format), V+D Security (TS version), Frequency bands & channel spacing, Network per-
formance metrics, Location Information Protocol (LIP), Net Assist Protocol (NAP), Encryption algorithms (TS series),
LI interworking (TS version), IP interworking, TMO Repeaters, RFSA-Tx Inhibit, TAPS test purposes,
QoS aspects for popular services in mobile networks, Encryption Algorithms Specifications, Critical Communications
Architecture (TS), Plugtest scenarios for Mission Critical Services, Encryption Algorithms Specifications,
MCPTT Application Server (AS) Protocol conformance specifications (plus Historical documents on DAWS)

Technical Reports (TRs and ETRs) 

  TR 100, 101, 102 & 103 series  ddmmyy and ETRs  ddmmyy
TETRA V+D and DMO Release specifications, Encryption & authentication algorithms (TR series), ISI for 3CP,
TRS on M-DMO, Guide to TAPS, AMR codec study, Air Interface Enhancements feasibility assessment
TAPS SRDoc, User Requirement Specifications, Designers' Guides, TEDS SRDoc, Security requirements
for modulation extensions, TEDS using "Tuning Range" concept in 410-430 MHz and 450-470 MHz bands
Evaluation of low-rate codec, Future TETRA workshop report, Critical Communications Architecture (TR), Plugtests reports
(plus Historical documents on: DAWS requirements specification, SIM Review, old Technical Requirements
Specifications, Protocol validations)

ETSI Guides (EGs) 

  EG 200, 201 & 202 series  ddmmyy
Radio site engineering, TETRA numbering and its administration
(plus Historical document on: LI interface feasibility study)

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Information Provider and Web Author: Ken Oborne, Last update 21/5/24
TBR = Technical Basis for Regulation
ETR = ETSI Technical Report
ETS = European Telecommunication Standard
TR = Technical Report
TS = Technical Specification
EG = ETSI Guide
ES = ETSI Standard
EN = European Standard (Norm)