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ETSI Technical Committee TETRA and Critical Communications Evolution (TC TCCE, formally TC TETRA) is responsible for developing the technical standards for TETRA which are published as ETSI documents. It is organised into a number of Working Groups.

Links to the reports from recent meetings are given below.

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  TC TCCE Plenary latest update 29/11/21

  WG1 "User Requirements"
in abeyance from October 2018 - WG1 issues
to be covered by TCCE Plenary
latest update 6/11/16

  WG2 "Air interface"
no longer exists - merged into WG3 after October 2002.
Previously spilt into WG2/MES and WG2/DMO (the latter renumbered as WG8 after October 2000) - see http://docbox.etsi.org/tcce/tcce/60-WGs/wg2/ for old files

  WG3 "Air Interface and Network Protocols"
plus DMO temporarily
latest update 3/6/20

  WG4 "High Speed Data" latest update 25/11/21

  WG5 "Voice Coding"
in abeyance from March 2011
latest update 9/1/14

  WG6 "Security" latest update 23/10/21

  WG7 "SIM"
no longer exists - merged into WG3 after October 2002 - see http://docbox.etsi.org/tcce/tcce/60-WGs/wg7/ for old files

  WG8 "Off-network services"
(previously "DMO")
work temporarily covered by WG3 after March 2011
latest update 9/1/14

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